On December 15, 2004, Lorna Brunelle was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer. On February 2nd, 2005, she had
a complete thyroidectomy at the Massachusetts Eye and
Ear Infirmary in Boston. Upon diagnosis, Lorna began writing daily journal entries to help mark the progress of her recovery.
After two years of writing, the excerpts became a book.
DIRTY BOMBSHELL - From Thyroid Cancer Back to Fabulous!
is a timeline of hope and healing that will help you find
the strength to make your way through cancer and back








Main Entry: dirty bomb-shell
Function: noun
Date: 2005
: a former bombshell beauty fighting thyroid cancer in the Nuclear Medicine
Department of a hospital about to ingest a purple radioactive radiation pill that will
make her a contagious toxic human dirty bomb.

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