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She felt drawn to the [The Children's Chernobyl Project] on a personal level two months after when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer herself. "That was my wake-up call," Brunelle said. "Maybe surviving something as awful as cancer was my sign to do something good for others.

Writer Ashley Lopes, Taunton Daily Gazette


July 2009 Old Silver Beach, Cape Cod
Lorna, her mother Wanda, her sisters Elizabeth and Tahlia and their children Paige, Tyler, Taylor, and Trey. This photo was taken shortly after her mother's breast cancer diagnosis.


Lorna’s Work with the
Chernobyl Children Project USA


Chernobyl Children Project USA Inc.
Welcoming Ceremony in Boston, June 23rd, 2009
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Chernobyl Children Project '08
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Brunelle Gets Chernobyl Children Project Award
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For more information on the CCPUSA, contact:
Mrs. Patricia Doyle, President
Chernobyl Children Project USA, Inc
75 McNeil Way, Suite 305
Dedham, MA 02026
Phone: 781-251-0137
Fax: 781-251-9175  

Lorna collecting money for the CCP at HAT DAY










Lorna Brunelle
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On July 20th, 2008, Chernobyl
Children Project USA Inc. President
Patty Doyle awarded Lorna with the
Joyce Feeley Award for her
extraordinary service, dedication
and love for God's Children of the Chernobyl Region.
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