On October 22, 2010, Middleboro native, Lorna J. Brunelle was honored as the 2010 BEST ARTISTIC DIRECTOR/ACTING COACH at the 42nd annual GBOS Image Awards in Boston. The Boston City Council also proclaimed October 22nd as Lorna J. Brunelle Day in the city of Boston for GBOS award, and her community service and community service efforts. The gala was held at The John D. O’Bryant African-American Institute on the Northeastern Campus in Boston. Brunelle shares her day with Boston Jazz great Mae Arnette who was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2010 GBOS Awards. Brunelle and Arnette vowed to have lunch together each October 22nd, to celebrate their day.

Lorna Brunelle received 2010 GBOS Award for Best Acting Coach/Artistic Director in Boston and had a day named in her honor by the Boston City Council


Lorna Brunelle with George "GBOS" Murray

In 1995, Lorna opened The Burt Wood School of Performing Arts in Middleboro. In 2000, she joined the staff at Boston Casting Inc., the region’s largest casting company. Over the past fifteen years, Lorna has worked with artists of all ages. In 2010, she opened THE ALLEY THEATRE. Her students have had major success in TV shows, commercials, films, corporate videos, radio, pageants, and live theater.


Under the direction of Roxbury native, George Edward Murray, The GBOS Image Awards began over four decades ago in Boston as the Gospel Music Awards. Since then, Mr. Murray has been scouting talent and fostering the dreams of artists. A former gospel singer, radio talk show host, and fashion designer, George “GBOS” Murray became familiar with Lorna Brunelle a year ago in Boston through her affiliation with Boston Casting. At Boston Casting, Lorna was the acting coach for Eric Mathis (“Little E Young Dapper”) who won the 2009 GBOS Image Award for BEST NEW ARTIST in the RAPPER category. “Little E” is well known for his hit RINGTONE GIRL which can be seen on YOU TUBE ( George Murray went to Boston Casting to discuss Little E with Brunelle and was taken by her work with young artists.

Lorna Brunelle with Boston Jazz Great Mae Arnette

Murray, who is now a show producer and publisher of NEW ARTIST and GIRLFRIENDZ magazine, offered the following quote about Lorna Brunelle, “I have seen a lot of coach’s work with artists, and was extremely impressed by Lorna’s way with people. She is fantastic! I am thrilled to present her with our 2010 award.” and all images associated with Dirty Bombshell are registered (R) to Lorna Brunelle 2007-2010.
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