Thyroid Funeral - All Photos Taken January 2005 just weeks before her surgery.

Image of butterfly that appeared on each
photo on Lorna's neck. Look at all of the
photos below to see the butterfly!

Talk about unconventional........

On Jan 17th, 2005 (a few weeks before my surgery) my friends held a funeral for my thyroid!  I have to say it was an amazing way to bid farewell to my disgruntled gland. The butterfly theme event was adorned with flowers, music, a keepsake program, boxes of tissue, a eulogy, butterfly henna tattoos and a lovely reception that followed the service filled with tables covered in all of my favorite foods.

It was an off beat affair to remember.
I highly recommend it!

She made a full recovery from cancer and became a spokeswoman for thyroid cancer awareness, focusing her efforts on educating and comforting those who face the disease today. "When I was diagnosed I felt very alone and confused," said Brunelle, who knew very little about thyroid cancer at the time because there were so few resources on it. "There was nothing for me to read to make me feel better. I was in the dark." Doctors told her she would never be able to sing again, but Brunelle refused to accept it.
She still sings."

Writer Ashley Lopes, The Taunton Daily Gazette

Lorna with her sister Tahlia and nephew and Godson Trey Anthony.

Lorna with Erica

Lorna with Maureen Whalen

Lorna with her sister Liz

Lorna with Mother in Law Marsha

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