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Feb 4, 2011 Lorna with Tracy Murphy, Jennifer Vaughn and Theresa Pietnik



Author with North End Roots to Sign Books in the North End Branch of the Boston Public Library on April 16th




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“Lorna lives her life with purpose, she always has. Cancer, to her, would have meaning. Once she kicked this invasive disease out of her life, Lorna exposed it for what it is; a coward that strikes without justification. She told us all of its secrets, and how she beat back its power. Her experience will make you laugh one minute, and cry in the shower the next. You’ll fall in love with a girl who is brave, and honest, and so much more than cancer ever will be.”
-Jennifer Vaughn

A treasured read. I learned, laughed, and cried. I will pass on this remarkable resource. - Dawn Eger Rizzo, Thyroid Cancer Survivor


Dirty Bombshell-From Thyroid Cancer Back to Fabulous!
Book signing
Dec 19, 2010, at The Alley Theatre in Middleboro.

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Dirty Bombshell-From Thyroid Cancer Back to Fabulous!
Book signing Dec 19, 2010,
at The Alley Theatre in Middleboro.

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Book Signing Events



June 16 - Lorna will be the guest speaker at Cancer Survivor's Day at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Brockton, Mass.
June 17 - Lorna will be singing at the Opening Ceremony for Relay For Life Bridgewater Raynham High School in Bridgewater, Mass.
Local Women with Connections to Cancer Sing at Relay For Life

The 2011 Relay For Life of Bridgewater, Lakeville, & Middleboro will be held on June 17-18, 2011 at Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School located at 166 Mt. Prospect Street in Bridgewater, MA. Three local women with a special connection to cancer will be singing at the opening ceremony for the Bridgewater, Lakeville, Raynham and Middleboro RELAY FOR LIFE on Friday, June 17th at 6PM. Lorna J. Brunelle of Middleboro is a six year cancer survivor. Her mother is in her second year of recovery from breast cancer. Lorna is also the author of Dirty Bombshell-From Thyroid Cancer Back to Fabulous. Melissa Donnelly of Middleboro is a nine year cancer survivor. Melissa’s father and sister are survivors of skin cancer. Miss Taunton 2011 Molly Whalen (also a resident of Middleboro) is the daughter of a breast cancer survivor. All three of the women have lost grandparents to cancer and will sing at this event in their honor.

According to the Relay For Life web site, Relay began in 1985 when Dr. Gordy Klatt, a colorectal surgeon in Tacoma, Washington, ran and walked around a track for 24 hours to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Since then, Relay has grown from a single man’s passion to fight cancer into the world’s largest movement to end the disease. Each year, more than 3.5 million people in 5,000 communities in the United States, along with additional communities in 19 other countries, gather to take part in this global phenomenon and raise much-needed funds and awareness to save lives from cancer. The Relay participants are creating a world with more birthdays a world where cancer can’t claim another year of anyone’s life.

Local Cancer Survivor will be the Keynote Speaker at
Cancer Survivors Event

BROCKTON – Good Samaritan Medical Center will dedicate a healing garden and celebrate cancer survivors on Thursday, June 16, 2011. The garden, designed to bring a sense of peace and calm and promote healing of the body, mind and spirit, is located in front of the Good Samaritan Radiation Oncology Center, 818 Oak Street, on the campus of the medical center. It was designed by Carol R. Johnson Associates of Boston. Contractors were Greenscape, Inc., of Taunton. “Promoting a sense of well-being is an important part of treatment for our patients,” said Good Samaritan Medical Center President Jeff Liebman. “We hope this beautiful garden will bring many peaceful moments and a renewed sense of hope to our patients as they come and go from their medical appointments.” The Healing Garden ceremony will begin at 3:30PM and the Cancer Survivors ceremony will begin at 4PM. In the past year, Good Samaritan Medical Center has received several awards for its Comprehensive Cancer Program.

Lorna J. Brunelle will be the keynote speaker for the event. Brunelle is a six year thyroid cancer survivor, a patient advocate, the author of Dirty Bombshell-From Thyroid Cancer Back to Fabulous, a staff member at Boston Casting Inc., and owner of The Burt Wood School of Performing Arts and The Alley Theatre in Middleboro. Brunelle has been traveling the state with her workshops EMBRACING THE CAN in CANcer and SEEING THE PATIENT AS A PERSON. Several of Lorna’s students will be volunteering their time and talent at the event. Miss New Bedford 2011 Taylor Kinzler (of Lakeville) will perform, Miss Taunton 2010 Alyson Levy (of Raynham) will perform, Miss Commonwealth 2011 Amanda Narciso (of Taunton) will greet, Miss Tri-County 2011 Jenna Nowlin (of Bridgewater) will greet, Miss Fall River 2011 Maggie Wakim (of Norton) will perform, and Miss Taunton 2011 Molly Whalen (of Middleboro) will perform.

As title holders in the Miss America Organization, community service is paramount to the young ladies. In order to compete, contestants select community service platforms near and dear to their heart. Taylor Kinzler’s platform is Give the Gift of You-Volunteer, Alyson Levy’s platform is FIRE SAFETY, Amanda Narciso’s platform is The Andrea Rizzo Foundation which raises money for dance therapy programs for children with cancer or special needs, Jenna Nowlin’s platform is HABITAT FOR HUMANITY, Maggie Wakim’s platform is TACA-Talk About Curing Autism, and Molly Whalen’s platform is SMART SMILES Promoting the Importance of Oral Health.

All area cancer survivors are invited to attend this free event. To register call 508-427-2900

August 20 - Lorna will be the featured speaker at the Oak Point Women's Club in Middleboro, Mass.




Local Author with North End Roots to Sign Books in the North End Branch of the Boston Public Library on April 16th
On Saturday, April 16th, 2011, at12noon, local author Lorna J. Brunelle will be selling and signing copies of her book DIRTY BOMBSHELL-FROM THYROID CANCER BACK TO FABULOUS at the North End Branch of the Boston Public Library located at 25 Palmenter Street. This event is sponsored by the Friends of the North End Branch Library. Brunelle's connection to the North End runs deep. Her great grandfather Joseph Charles Gandolfo owned Gandolfo Olive Oil & Produce for years. His daughter Concetta "Connie" (the authors grandmother who was Baptized at St. Leonard's in the North End) speaks often of her father and the business he owned. Lorna Brunelle shares her connection to the North End in her book.

Certainly we all have in us a remote (or perhaps more immediate) fear of a cancer diagnosis. What if it wasn't just any cancer, but one that targets the very area on which your livelihood depends? Some of us might think we'd curl up and expire, but until you're faced with the reality of it, you never know how you'll take it. Lorna J. Brunelle resolved to dig down deep in her soul and find the fight to push through the hardship, and come out the other side a survivor. Her story raises awareness for what is, in fact, the fastest-growing cancer in the United States, with new cases cropping up at a rate of approximately four percent annually—faster than colon or breast cancer. In 2008, 35,000 new cases of thyroid cancer were diagnosed. It's estimated that more than 350,000 people in the U.S. are living with thyroid cancer.

Dirty Bombshell is the poignant and brave story of a 33 year old girl who is fighting her way back to wellness. Her triumphant story sheds light on a cancer most Americans are in the dark about. This story of faith, forgiveness, strength, hope, courage, tolerance, and self-discovery will change the way you tackle hardship, leaving you with the power to survive and thrive. Dirty Bombshell will help you find your way back to FABULOUS! As an actor, singer, writer, producer, and teacher, Lorna J. Brunelle has always had a passion for the arts. A tireless volunteer, with an indelible commitment to bring positive change, she is dedicated to a range of causes. Brunelle
was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2004, had surgery at The Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in 2005, and has been raising awareness ever since. She works very closely with the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. She has been featured in several issues of their magazine CONTACT, featured on several fundraising campaign letters, has sung for the Reynolds Society Dinner and was seen in their 2009 documentary. She was also featured with her surgeon Dr. Greg Randolph in a national PSA for the nerve monitoring system- a device that protects vocal cords during neck surgery. In less three months since its release, Dirty Bombshell-From Thyroid Cancer Back to Fabulous was ranked as an Amazon Best Seller ranking #52 in Spiritual & Religious.

North End business owner Joseph Charles Gandolfo (the author's
great grandfather) seen in his wedding photo with bride
Jennie Dora (Spadaro) Gandolfo

Lorna J. Brunelle, author of Dirty Bombshell-From Thyroid Cancer
Back to Fabulous will be signing books at Katie Boyd's Miss Fit Club on Friday, March 4th, 2011, from 11am-12noon.

February 10th:

Brunelle to Sign Books at Maria's in Middleboro

Brunelle to sign books at Maria's Hallmark Shop in Middleboro - article on SouthCoastToday.com
May 9th - Lorna will be speaking to students in the medical field at Sanford-Brown in Rhode Island.

May 10th - Lorna will be speaking on the panel at the Elements for Excellence Conference at the Massasoit Community College Center in Brockton

March 10 at The Middleboro Public Library.

May 12 - Lorna will speaking at the Wentworth By the Sea Grand Re-Opening of the spa in New Castle, New Hampshire. She will share what role Wentworth played on her road to recovery and read sections of her book that feature The Wentworth By The Sea.
May 19 - Lorna will be the featured speakers for a Mansfield Book Club.
May 22 - Lorna is offering her workshop FINDING THE CAN in CANCER at Uplifting Connections in Bridgewater, Mass.









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Thyroid cancer organizational Ad Campaign for "Light of Life Foundation" @ checkyourneck.com (c) 2006



Unflappable, witty, honest, and inspirational describe Lorna’s exploration of her journey. As a survivor of kidney cancer, I was awed, captivated, and encouraged by the positive nature of Lorna’s personal philosophy. - Marsha E. Bergquist, Cancer Survivor



Lorna has the innate gift of bringing light, laughter, and hope while sharing her journey with readers. I was pulled in by her honesty and even laughed out loud at times. - Linda Joy, Publisher



Having suffered much loss from this disease, Lorna's narrative about dealing with thyroid cancer is not only filled with useful and practical information, but was cathartic for my own repressed emotions. I laughed, I cried, and I healed. - Ellie Osborne







Main Entry: dirty bomb-shell
Function: noun
Date: 2005

: a former bombshell beauty fighting thyroid cancer in the Nuclear Medicine Department of a hospital about to ingest a purple radioactive radiation pill that will make her a contagious toxic human dirty bomb.

Lorna J. Brunelle
A graduate of the Boston Conservatory, Lorna J. Brunelle has dedicated her life to fostering creativity and self-expression through art. As the owner of The Burt Wood School of Performing Arts and The Alley Theatre, a teacher and casting associate at Boston Casting Inc., the official vocal coach for the Miss Massachusetts Pageant and a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, Lorna spends most of her days behind a camera or music stand. She is active in the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary's efforts to support thyroid cancer patients and research, and was featured in their 2008 documentary, and several issues of their magazine. In 2010, The Boston City Council proclaimed October 22 Lorna J. Brunelle Day for her community service and humanitarian efforts. Lorna lives with her husband Roger in the Ebenezer Soule House in Middleboro, Massachusetts.


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