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"Dirty BombShell"
"[Lorna's] triumphant story sheds light
on a cancer most Americans are in the
dark about."

Book Signing Dates
Lorna’s Work with the
Chernobyl Children Project USA
Lorna’s Work with the
People of Hurricane Katrina
Lorna in the NEWS
Lorna’s Work with
The Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary

The national thyroid cancer group ThyCa is featuring Dirty Bombshell - From Thyroid Cancer Back to Fabulous in their next publication (a worldwide awareness campaign created and sponsored by ThyCa) next month.

Dirty Bombshell - From Thyroid Cancer Back to Fabulous was just listed as recommended reading by the I'm Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation on the Goodreads site! Special thanks to I'm Too Young For this! founder Matthew Zachary.

Dirty Bombshell is now for sale at:

Uplifting Connections in Bridgewater
The Burt Wood School in Middleboro
Lakeville Cards& Gifts
Divine Consign in Lakeville


Dirty Bombshell-From Thyroid Cancer Back to Fabulous!
Book signing Dec 19, 2010, at The Alley Theatre in Middleboro.
Photo by Andrew Gallagher

Click here for photos from the event...


Lorna with the Baby Bombshells at the Dec 19, 2010
Dirty Bombshell-From Thyroid Cancer Back to Fabulous book signing


"My mother's last day of chemo for her breast cancer. October 14, 2009."
Click here for more.

Lorna’s niece Taylor Lynn decorates
the Burt Wood School office with
Daffodil Days posters for the
American Cancer Society.

Lorna and Molly at
Miss Southcoast 2010

Lorna with Maureen Whalen at Lorna's
Thyroid Funeral. Click here to check out
that special event.

Lorna with her nephew Tyler at Liz's wedding just before Lorna's cancer diagnosis

Lorna with her Boston Conservatory
pals Joanna Gaughan and Noah Racey
in New York moments after Noah performed in "Thoroughly Modern Millie."

Lorna and Maureen Whalen at
Miss Mass 2010

In New Hampshire with Mum on
Memorial Day Weekend 2010
Lorna teaches 5 year old student
Morgan how to sing with her
diaphragm as part of Morgan's
therapy for FOP (Fibrodysplasia
Ossificans Progressiva). -
click on the photo for the article

Lorna with her niece Taylor a week
after her endocrinologist Dr. Sol Jacobs discovered the lump in her neck.
October 31st, 2004.

Lorna and her husband Roger at the Intercontinental Boston on Thursday
Nov. 13th 2008 for the Mass Eye and
Ear Infirmary benefit.

The College Years - Lorna and Roger one of their engagement photos
July 16, 2010 -Backstage before ABBA SALUTELY-FABULOUS! A benefit for a new cancer center in Massachusetts.

July 16, 2010 -Backstage before ABBA SALUTELY-FABULOUS!

One of the last photos taken of my
perfect neck. January 2005 a week
before my surgery.
Lorna at the Middleboro Christmas Parade with Molly Whalen 2010.


Lorna with sisters Liz and Tahlia and nieces Paige and Taylor
and nephews Tyler and Trey. Photo December 2004 one
week after her diagnosis.



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Lorna Brunelle
Dirty BombShell Synopsis
Helpful Information
Contact Lorna
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On December 15, 2004, Lorna Brunelle was
diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer. On
February 2nd, 2005, she had a complete
thyroidectomy at the Massachusetts Eye and
Ear Infirmary in Boston. Upon diagnosis, Lorna
began writing daily journal entries to help mark
the progress of her recovery. After two years of
writing, the excerpts became a book.
DIRTY BOMBSHELL-From Thyroid Cancer
Back to Fabulous! is a timeline of hope and
healing that will help you find the strength to
make your way through cancer and back to


AS SEEN IN the new Reality Series WICKED FIT on The Style Network, Sunday nights at 9PM.


At a Dirty Bombshell Event. Oct 7, 2011


Lorna has the innate gift of bringing light, laughter and hope when sharing her journey with readers. I was pulled in by honesty as her journey with cancer unfolded. Throughout the book readers will be touched by openness and honesty as Lorna shares her innermost thoughts with a humor that kept me laughing out loud. An uplifting, humorous and touching book of one woman’s journey through cancer.”

Linda Joy, President/PublisherAspire Media, Inc.


With the original Burt Wood babes- Molly Whalen and
Devon Williams at the Dirty Bombshell-From Thyroid Cancer
Back to Fabulous book signing Dec 19, 2010


Feb 18, 2011 Lorna with dear friend Katie Boyd in Boston at a
birthday celebration.


Miss Mass 2010

- But the victims of the hurricane taught Brunelle a lesson. “People with nothing left to their name inspired me. They were all happy to be alive.
They taught me never to take anything for granted." she said.

Writer Alice Elwell, The Brockton Enterprise.

Lorna (Owner of The Alley Theatre and
The Burt Wood School of Performing Arts)
was honored by Congressman Barney Frank and
State Representative Steve Canessa at a ribbon
cutting for her new the theatre. Lorna with her husband Roger at the ribbon cutting ceremony for
her new venture
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The Standwood Wedding. Oct 8, 2011




The Dirty Bombshell Explodes! December 19, 2010 YouTube clip click here!



Hear Lorna singing!
You Tube Part 1...
You Tube Part 2...
You Tube Part 3...

At The James Warren Buzzell, Jr. Bridge Dedication with Molly Whalen
Nov 11, 2011

- A professional singer … the frightening diagnosis of thyroid cancer … could this be the unexpected, cruel end to her career … her life? Unflappable, witty, honest, heart-wrenching, inspirational … all words to describe Lorna Brunelle’s exploration of her journey through the most demanding challenge of all … to beat the cancer that threatens her entire future. I cried … I laughed … I couldn’t put this book down. As a survivor of kidney cancer, I was personally awed, captivated, and continually encouraged by the positive nature of Ms. Brunelle’s personal philosophy. On many occasions, I would remind myself of her words.

Marsha E. Bergquist
Naples, Florida



With Molly at Miss Taunton. Nov 5, 2011



Miss Mass 2010

Val Amaral and Lorna at the
Relay for Life 2010 Event

Click here for pictures
from the event.

With Amy de Silva at a Dirty Bombshell Event. Oct 7, 2011

With Molly and Nathan at
The Standwood Wedding. Oct 8, 2011


Lorna with friend Dawn Rizzo at
Miss Mass 2010


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