Lorna Brunelle Receives The Chernobyl Children Project USA Inc. 2008 Joyce Feeley Award

On July 20th, 2008 at the Chernobyl Children Project USA closing ceremony at Holiday Inn in Somerville, C.C.P. President Patty Doyle awarded Lorna Brunelle with The Joyce Feeley Award. Joyce Feeley was the very first community coordinator for the project. She organized all of the C.C.P. fundraisers and served countless hours volunteering her time. During her chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer, Joyce continued to support the project and spent nights sleeping at the Floating Hospital watching over the sick children visiting the United States (through the C.C.P.) for medical care.  In time Joyce’s breast cancer spread to her lung and in 2002 she passed away. Her inspirational legacy continues to be a driving force for the Chernobyl Children Project USA Inc. President Patty Doyle credits much of the success of the C.C.P. to the role Joyce Seeley played upon inception of the project in 1994, during the fledgling years of development, and throughout the ongoing growth of the project over the past fifteen years. 

Lorna Brunelle with friend and Russian translator Irina Zubareva of Klintsy at the C.C.P. closing ceremony in Somerville .

Lorna Brunelle (resident of Middleboro and owner and artistic director of The Burt Wood School of Performing Arts in Middleboro) joined the C.C.P. efforts in June of 2006 as a support host family to Rose and John Ewas of Middleboro. During the summer of 2006 she helped care for the children staying in Middleboro. In the fall of 2006, Lorna visited Patty Doyle at the C.C.P. office in Dedham and offered to become more hands on with the project. Appointed as the community coordinator for Middleboro, Lakeville, Taunton and Carver, Lorna began organizing the 2007 summer stay for the CCP children. With the help of her community she raised $24,850.00 in five months and welcomed twenty-two C.C.P. children and two adult translators to the communities she coordinated. Since then, she has been organizing fundraisers, involving her students with the project, coordinating press coverage, searching for host families, volunteer dentists and pediatricians to care for the children, and serving as a community liaison for host families.

 The Chernobyl Children Project USA is the largest organization in the U.S. that provides medical treatment and respite care for children from the Chernobyl-affected areas of Belarus , Russia and Ukraine . Based in Boston , Chernobyl Children Project USA arranges medical care in the U.S. for children suffering from a wide variety of ailments and places them with volunteer host families during their stay. The project has provided care for more than 1,500 children.  Chernobyl Children Project USA has also provided equipment, supplies and training to medical institutions and personnel in the region totaling over $5 million. Boston-area doctors and hospitals have performed surgeries totaling more than $4 million. Each year, more than $450,000 in diagnostic medical services are donated from 15 area hospitals. U.S. doctors also travel to the area to train their counterparts in the use of donated medical equipment, such as ultrasounds for diagnosing thyroid problems.

Lorna with C.C.P. President Patty Doyle, Joyce Feeley's husband Russ, and the C.C.P. host children that stayed in Middleboro this summer with the Stearns Family   

In the spirit of Joyce Feeley, Lorna plans offer continued support to the project with passion, perseverance, and pride. The Joyce Feeley Award which reads: “For extraordinary service, dedication, and love for God’s children of the Chernobyl Region”. For more information on the Chernobyl Children Project USA visit www.ccpusa.org

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